Wedding Fashion Tips For Pregnant Women

Attending weddings is enthralling. There are just so much to enjoy– the ambiance, the emotions, the experience, and, of course, the food. If you are invited to a wedding, seldom will you say “no.” Unless, of course, there is a conflict in your schedule, you will more likely accept an invitation. But you are now heavy with a baby. Finding the right attire and the best shoes for pregnancy will be a lot challenging now that you are pregnant.

Your baby bump says it all

There are so many things that may cause you to worry when you are pregnant — the food that you eat, the things that touch your skin, and, oh! Of course, the things that you will wear. You can’t just slip on your pre-pregnancy wardrobe and shoes and walk straight to the church with a heavy baby bump adding to your weight.

Your baby bump says it all. You can’t be at a wedding, having to stand for a long time, and be wearing heels. You will worry about the pressure of your baby bump on your back and your feet. You’ll also be thinking of how you will look on that dress with a pair of shoes that you think do not match well with it.

If you’re wondering what to wear to a wedding when you’re pregnant, read on and find some useful tips you may want to consider to make your attendance to that wedding a blissful one instead.

Unveiling pregnancy

As beautiful as pregnancy seems to be, there are also accompanying challenges that an expectant mother like you needs to address during this period. Everybody wants to look good, but if you must, you need to take careful considerations of the things that you do while you are pregnant. If not, you will look grumpy all the time and you, as well as your baby’s health, may suffer.

To stay beautiful even with so many hidden pains of pregnancy, consider this fashion tips. If you do, you will end up walking gracefully and looking fabulous even while you are pregnant attending a wedding.

 Wedding Fashion Tips For The Pregnant Woman

Here are some essential fashion tips that can make you look all dressed up while feeling quite comfortable attending a wedding even when you are still with a baby bump.

Flower prints are beautiful, but not on you

It could be a perfect spring or summer dress. You may be attending the wedding of the century at a beautiful garden wedding and resisting the temptation of wearing a dress with floral prints is just too difficult. You are restless and could not find anything worth wearing. But don’t give in to the temptation. If you do, you will look like a beach umbrella.

What you can wear instead is a wedding dress with block color — one bold, beautiful color that will complement the shade of your skin and hair or one that will accent your eyes. Experiment with colors and find one that brings out your best features.

Go for elegant stacked heels or a pair with small heels

Even ballet flats will look fab. This also lessens the worry that you and others concerned if ever you slip or wobble with high-heeled shoes or stilettos.

Slip on something flattering not fattening

You don’t need to hide inside a sheet to cover your baby bump. You can still look amazing even with your belly bump on display!

You have to consider a few things, however. First, the material. If you look for a dress that will be perfect for a wedding, go for one that is made of slightly elastic material and which wraps around your body in all of the right places. No tight dresses, please. Don’t look like a bun and feel uncomfortable throughout the ceremony and suffocate your baby, as well. Choose something that complements your figure.

There are form-fitting dresses that really feel tight and still looks good on a pregnant woman. So, find one that is right for your body.

Put on an empire dress to impress

You will not only look elegant in an empire dress, you will also feel great as it will let your baby bump breathe. Empire dresses are designed to accent the shoulders and the neckline. Complete the look with a fabulous hairdo and earrings or neck accessories.

Find a dress made with front pleats and asymmetrical layers

A dress with this cut can easily trick the eyes. You can make your baby bump look stylish on it. It will give you a nice fit while covering your bump properly. The asymmetrical layers will give your body a new look. Places that need to long elongated will look that way. That means it will make you look a lot slimmer.

Put on a tulip dress

Tulip dresses are made with rounded waists which make them perfect for the baby bump. If you have a rounded belly, this will look great on you. Just make sure that you fit on the right size. Do not try to squeeze into one if the belly won’t fit as that will be a lot uncomfortable for you and the baby as the upper portion of the dress will be tight on you.


Finding the right dress for a wedding should never be a trouble when you have several options to consider. Remember that you can still look fabulous and elegant in any of these dresses even when you are pregnant. Just make sure that you find one that complements your shade, shape, as well as your style. Do not overdo it or you’ll end up upstaging the bride. Looking great while you are pregnant and attending a wedding will be something that others will consider a good model to look up to. Who knows, they might consider asking for your advice when they end up in the same situation as you have now.

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