Albert + Stella | Wedding Day

I used to think that doctors are mostly very serious and uptight. But as I began to meet more doctors couples who are not just good looking but also charming and fashionable, I quickly changed my perception. Albert and Stella are the living proofs of doctors who are not always dorky, both of them are cool and really fun to be with.

I love how carefree their wedding was. I love seeing they had fun even under the gloomy Melbourne weather. It was raining that day, but nothing can wipe off the happiness on their faces, they simply jumped in the rain and dance. I love this couple! They celebrated their wedding twice, one in Melbourne and the other one in Singapore which was captured beautifully by our friend in Axioo.

Speaking of which, a few months before Albert & Stella’s wedding, I went to Bali to shoot for another doctors couples, Jonathan & Wendy, who held their wedding there. It turned out Jonathan and Albert have been working in the same hospital. What a small world indeed.

Congrats again to the happy couple, hope you enjoy the photos :)

Hendra + Kartika | Wedding Day

About a year ago, I received a surprise Facebook message from a long lost childhood friend. Turns out my friend, Tika, was getting married and would like me to be her photographer. I remember Tika as one of the popular girls in school and it was a pleasure seeing her marrying a great man, Hendra, who is kind hearted and patient.

The wedding day started with morning make up session by Mimi Kwok, followed by hilarious gate crashing session, solemn holy matrimony and lastly, a joyous red, black, white themed wedding celebration in the evening. The day went perfectly well and smooth.

Let’s toast to their happiness!



Kenneth + Melissa | Wedding Day

after a super fun pre-wedding now we have a super fun wedding of Kenneth and Melissa. They are indeed one of a kind couple. Melissa is the first bride I saw wearing sneaker for her actual wedding day! And guess what their wedding car is? a 1966 Volkswagen Bus! So cool! Not forgetting Kenneth brought his Vespa too (the one we used in their pre-wedding photos) as an additional props for the wedding decoration.

I have a blast shooting for this wonderful couple. Thank you Kenneth and Melissa, for letting me be a part of your most precious day. I wish both of you a lifetime happiness and blessed marriage, stay fun and lovely!

Ady + Silvi | Home is Wherever I’m with You

Two years ago I had a privilege taking Hendra and Siska’s pre-wedding pictures in Sydney. This time I got to shoot another pre-wedding photos of Hendra’s brother Ady, and his lovely fiancee, Silvi, in the paradise island, Bali.

Ady is currently running his family business while Silvi is in the midst of pursuing her passion for fashion. Given their busy working schedule spending quality time at home, watching dvds, and enjoying each other’s company are simple things they cherished the most. Inspired with that idea, we designed an icon resembled ‘home’ and had it captured in every places we go.

They both are open for any fun and crazy ideas, if you’re a photographer, you know you’re lucky to have such client. Thank you Ady & Silvi for trusting us and for the awesome time we had together!

Check out their photos and you’ll see how much fun the had. Enjoy!

p.s. we’re gonna post their pre-wedding video soon. Stay tuned!

Jonathan + Wendy | Wedding Day

After watching Sea Games final football match between Indo vs Malaysia few days ago, I couldn’t help but thinking which side will Jonathan take.. His father is Malaysian while his mom is indonesian. Now he’s holding Malaysian passport but he lives in indo his entire life and his wife is Indonesian. Hmmm.. But anyway, I had a pleasure of shooting for his and Wendy’s intimate wedding in Bali and can’t wait to share it.

Attended only by close friends and family, Jon & Wendy’s wedding was simply lovely. Their ceremony was held in the iconic beachfront Conrad Bali and their reception was at the Edge, which is, literally, located at the edge of a cliff with a breathtaking views of the ocean. Just perfect for these two doctors in love.

Donald + Stephany | Wedding Day

Donald and Steph is one of the most memorable couple we’ve had for few reasons. They found us through google and it turned out that Steph’s best friend is both Irene’s and my university friend. They are also the first couple who requested to have their wedding pictures edited in lomo style. As fellow lomo lover, I was more than happy to explore!

Besides, although we’ve had a few couples who come from different countries, they are most probably the most globalised of them all. Donald came from America and Steph came from Indonesia, but that’s only a small portion of their global love story. They met while working in Norway and now they live in Angola! Even on their wedding in Bali the guests were multicultural, coming from every continent of the world.

Speaking of their wedding, it was utterly memorable for me. One day before the wedding, we received news that Stephanie was down with dengue and she was rushed to the hospital as her thrombocytes had dropped rapidly. The wedding was almost cancelled but thankfully the following day Steph felt much better and the doctor let her out from the hospital to proceed with the ceremony. It was a miracle! I bet you wouldn’t be able to tell looking at the photos that Steph had just been hospitalised. She was radiant on that day.

The wedding went very well and I was glad to be part of the wedding and get to know this interesting couple. So cheers to them and enjoy the highlights of their wedding!

Matt + Addie | Wedding Day

Fun bride and wacky groom, cheerful bridesmaids and hilarious best men, beautiful weather and venue.. Matt & Addie’s got everything they need to make the perfect wedding.

The wedding was held in a golf course, about 2 hours drive from the city of Vancouver. As soon as we arrived, together with their bridesmaids and best men, we explored the venue, got a buggy and snapped some shots. The place is marvelous!

I love how the wedding really reflects their personality: FUN and lovely. Matt and Addie totally rocked their wedding day. They danced through their wedding entrance wearing sunglasses! hahaa.. it is always a treat to see the bride and groom loosen up and have fun on their own wedding day.

To Matt and Addie, thank you for trusting us to capture your most treasured moments. You two are perfectly made for each other. We are so blessed to know you. Hope to see you guys again when we visit Vancouver :)

Here’s wishing you a wonderful marriage and exciting life together.

Gatot + Lia | Love is a Funny Thing

Love is indeed funny. You don’t choose who you fall in love with. Who would have thought that the one you’re gonna marry is your classmate who sat right next to you when you were 6 years old?

Gatot and Lia’s story started when they were in primary school. Young Lia thought that Gatot was an annoying and mean boy, while young Gatot thought Lia was a snobbish girl. They used to tease each other. Gatot would often kick Lia in the classroom, while Lia would vandalize his bag in revenge. They went to same junior high school and Gatot realized he had crush on her but he couldn’t make a move since his friend had the same feeling. Time passed by, they remained good friends until last year when they met again at the wedding of Lia’s sister. Gatot didn’t waste any more chance, he knew what he had to do. He asked Lia out for movie, and eventually they hit it off.

It was kinda weird at the beginning as Lia had always seen Gatot as her childhood buddy, but when it feels right you just know it. Funny isn’t it? While you’re looking for your soulmate in any other places, he happens to be right in front of you all this years.

Lia and Gatot is one of easiest couples we ever shot. They are natural and so comfortable with each other. When I met Gatot for the first time, I thought he was a serious, uptight guy but I was wrong. We had great laughs during photo shoot, especially at the school when we took their picture at their exact seats 22 years ago. It was really nostalgic for both of them.

Another great thing about them is Lia loves dogs, Westies particulary. In fact she is a Westies breeder! It was a treat to see them have fun with our Westies. Also, they have a number of pet names for each other: “Munchkin” for Lia and “Mr Donut” for Gatot as he LOVES donuts. He reminds me of Homer haha..

Started as nemesis in primary school, grew up to be bestfriends, suddenly became lovers, and in just few weeks they will be bride and groom. To Gatot and Lia, thanks for such awesome time, also Mimi Kwok make up artist who kept us company ;) Here’s to the happy couple, wishing you many happy and blessed years together! Cheers.

Kenzo | 1st Birthday

It was one lovely sunday afternoon where a group of cute toddlers and their parents are gathered to celebrate the very first anniversary of Kenzo.

It’s been a true joy for us to witness his early journey through life, from the moment he was in his mother’s womb till the day we celebrated his first birthday. Thank you Cecilia & Ivan, the gorgeous parent, for trusting us to capture those joyful moments. Here’s some video and photo shots throughout the party. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Cecilia’s Maternity

People said if a woman carried a baby boy in her womb, she would appear more sloppy and lazy to dress up. Well, you will be convinced that it’s just the old folks saying after you meet Cecilia. She looked beautiful and glowing. You wouldn’t realize she was 8 months+ pregnant if you didn’t see the baby bump.

Ivan & Cecil came to our studio with their fully groomed pomeranians and chihuahua. Man, they put my westiie, Mimi, to shame. I send her to pet salon right after that.

Just a week after the photo session, baby Kenzo was born healthy and perfect. We’re looking forward to capturing his first moments in life to come 🙂