Gatot + Lia | Love is a Funny Thing

Love is indeed funny. You don’t choose who you fall in love with. Who would have thought that the one you’re gonna marry is your classmate who sat right next to you when you were 6 years old?

Gatot and Lia’s story started when they were in primary school. Young Lia thought that Gatot was an annoying and mean boy, while young Gatot thought Lia was a snobbish girl. They used to tease each other. Gatot would often kick Lia in the classroom, while Lia would vandalize his bag in revenge. They went to same junior high school and Gatot realized he had crush on her but he couldn’t make a move since his friend had the same feeling. Time passed by, they remained good friends until last year when they met again at the wedding of Lia’s sister. Gatot didn’t waste any more chance, he knew what he had to do. He asked Lia out for movie, and eventually they hit it off.

It was kinda weird at the beginning as Lia had always seen Gatot as her childhood buddy, but when it feels right you just know it. Funny isn’t it? While you’re looking for your soulmate in any other places, he happens to be right in front of you all this years.

Lia and Gatot is one of easiest couples we ever shot. They are natural and so comfortable with each other. When I met Gatot for the first time, I thought he was a serious, uptight guy but I was wrong. We had great laughs during photo shoot, especially at the school when we took their picture at their exact seats 22 years ago. It was really nostalgic for both of them.

Another great thing about them is Lia loves dogs, Westies particulary. In fact she is a Westies breeder! It was a treat to see them have fun with our Westies. Also, they have a number of pet names for each other: “Munchkin” for Lia and “Mr Donut” for Gatot as he LOVES donuts. He reminds me of Homer haha..

Started as nemesis in primary school, grew up to be bestfriends, suddenly became lovers, and in just few weeks they will be bride and groom. To Gatot and Lia, thanks for such awesome time, also Mimi Kwok make up artist who kept us company ;) Here’s to the happy couple, wishing you many happy and blessed years together! Cheers.

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