Dylas + Shirley | Live.Laugh.Love

Puppy love is a term to be described as transitory love or affection felt by a child or adolescent. In many cases, puppy love won’t last, but the one Dylas and Shirley are having have lasted for the past 12 years and still going strong.
It is clearly not a puppy love.

Their story started in 1996 when they sat in secondary school. Dylas described it as a “love at first sight” and he was totally smitten by her! He secretly admired her and never gave up even though she was attracted to others. His friends have asked him to give up and look for someone else, but a 13-year-old Dylas insisted them that “It’s either her or no one else.”. Finally after four years of pursuing, she agreed to be his girl and with that they began 12 wonderful years of courtship.

We went to Sydney to shoot their pre-wedding last month. Typically Sydney will be unpleasantly hot in the Summer so we never recommend anyone to shoot there during that period. Considering their busy schedule and their wedding day which is two months part, we had no other choice but to fly there and prepared to be grilled. Yet the strangest thing happened; It was cold most of the days! Thank goodness! The weather was so pleasant, it made our photo shoot a real breeze even though we had to wear extra jackets or cardigans to brave the cold wind (we came packed with only shirt and shorts).

We’re so grateful to have met with a super funny, super kind (fyi, Shirley loves to donate blood), super lovely couple, Dylas and Shirley. I can’t stress you enough how this couple had made us laughed through entire photo shoot. Even though they always tease each other, I can see they simply can’t live without each other (just admit it, Dylas hahaha). What they had is sincere and unpretentious. I love them!

Thank you Dylas & Shirley, for the awesome time we had in Sydney.
Always remember to eat well, laugh, and stay in love. Have a good life :)


Mulyadi + Kartika | Studio

One of the deals of being a wedding photographer is you gotta give up most of your weekends. But hey, when you met interesting, awesome, super friendly couple like Mulyadi and Kartika, it could be the highlight of your whole week! When I typed this, I just returned from shooting for TIka and Mulyadi’s wedding. Congratulations you happy couple! Let’s meet up soon after your wedding & honeymoon ;)

Now before I posted some of the sneak preview photos, here’s some shots we took for their pre-wedding photos few months back in our studio. Enjoy!


Toni + Yulis | Life is Sweeter Together

Mid last year, we went to Bangka for Toni and Yuli’s pre-wedding shoot and now that they are getting married, we’re excited to share some of the photos!

On a first meeting with a couple, usually I will try to analyze what kind of couple they are. From there I will know roughly what kind of style and direction should we go. Toni & Yulis is definitely one wacky and fun couple. We sat down and listen to their stories of how they love to shower each other with “surprises”, some are romantic surprises and some are more towards shock therapy! (trust me it was quite bizarre). Yet despite of their wackiness, I can tell from the way he looks at her and the way she smiles at him, they are definitely in love.

While Toni is an entrepreneur, Yulis works as a doctor and she really loves chocolate. In many occasion, Toni sometimes will get a bar of chocolate just to cheer her up. That inspired us to come up with the chocolate bar device, stated with the percentage of its sweetness (just check out the photos and you’ll know).

After the brainstorming session with them, I was really looking forward to the shoot. Not only because this is our first trip to Bangka (Yulis’ birthplace, which is known for its glorious noodle and pork porridge!), but also we have a really interesting couple to work with. When we arrived, we expected to hit the beaches that Bangka is famous for. But when Yulis showed us tin mines that her family own, we quickly changed our plan. I’ve never shot at a mining site before and the idea of it intrigued me. I always thought mining site as a rough and tough place but it was a real surprise seeing a wide clear blue lake right in the middle of the mine. The lake was so beautiful and alluring, I would have jumped in if I wasn’t told it might be contaminated with tin.

The photoshoot was trickier than usual because of the location. I even encountered “quicksand” moment when I accidentally stepped on a deep mud and half my body got sucked in. Luckily, I managed to save the gears (Yes, as photographer, the safety of our equipments comes first haha). But I’m glad everyone had a good laugh for the rest of that day. Thank you Toni and Yuli for the wonderful and memorable experience and also for being such a pleasant couple to work with :) All the best for your big day.

Enjoy the photos!

Ady + Silvi | Home is Wherever I’m with You

Two years ago I had a privilege taking Hendra and Siska’s pre-wedding pictures in Sydney. This time I got to shoot another pre-wedding photos of Hendra’s brother Ady, and his lovely fiancee, Silvi, in the paradise island, Bali.

Ady is currently running his family business while Silvi is in the midst of pursuing her passion for fashion. Given their busy working schedule spending quality time at home, watching dvds, and enjoying each other’s company are simple things they cherished the most. Inspired with that idea, we designed an icon resembled ‘home’ and had it captured in every places we go.

They both are open for any fun and crazy ideas, if you’re a photographer, you know you’re lucky to have such client. Thank you Ady & Silvi for trusting us and for the awesome time we had together!

Check out their photos and you’ll see how much fun the had. Enjoy!

p.s. we’re gonna post their pre-wedding video soon. Stay tuned!

Gatot + Lia | Love is a Funny Thing

Love is indeed funny. You don’t choose who you fall in love with. Who would have thought that the one you’re gonna marry is your classmate who sat right next to you when you were 6 years old?

Gatot and Lia’s story started when they were in primary school. Young Lia thought that Gatot was an annoying and mean boy, while young Gatot thought Lia was a snobbish girl. They used to tease each other. Gatot would often kick Lia in the classroom, while Lia would vandalize his bag in revenge. They went to same junior high school and Gatot realized he had crush on her but he couldn’t make a move since his friend had the same feeling. Time passed by, they remained good friends until last year when they met again at the wedding of Lia’s sister. Gatot didn’t waste any more chance, he knew what he had to do. He asked Lia out for movie, and eventually they hit it off.

It was kinda weird at the beginning as Lia had always seen Gatot as her childhood buddy, but when it feels right you just know it. Funny isn’t it? While you’re looking for your soulmate in any other places, he happens to be right in front of you all this years.

Lia and Gatot is one of easiest couples we ever shot. They are natural and so comfortable with each other. When I met Gatot for the first time, I thought he was a serious, uptight guy but I was wrong. We had great laughs during photo shoot, especially at the school when we took their picture at their exact seats 22 years ago. It was really nostalgic for both of them.

Another great thing about them is Lia loves dogs, Westies particulary. In fact she is a Westies breeder! It was a treat to see them have fun with our Westies. Also, they have a number of pet names for each other: “Munchkin” for Lia and “Mr Donut” for Gatot as he LOVES donuts. He reminds me of Homer haha..

Started as nemesis in primary school, grew up to be bestfriends, suddenly became lovers, and in just few weeks they will be bride and groom. To Gatot and Lia, thanks for such awesome time, also Mimi Kwok make up artist who kept us company ;) Here’s to the happy couple, wishing you many happy and blessed years together! Cheers.