Everything You Need to Know about GoPros for Cycling

We’ve all heard about GoPros, but with so many models and mounts, how the heck are we supposed to choose one? Have no fear, this guide will help you to become a GoPro-pro, and choose the best GoPro camera for cycling as well as teach you how to use it!

The Best GoPro for Cycling

You will definitely want to pick a GoPro that has a good battery life, as chances are that you will be out on the road for a while. You also want it to be easily mountable in a lot of different places, and to be able to shoot high resolution images. That’s a lot to ask for, right?!

Mountain Biking & Road Cycling

If you are planning on using your GoPro for mountain biking, we recommend the GoPro Hero6 Black. It is the only GoPro that can shoot in 4k at a frame rate of up to 60fps, which you’ll need for that fast-paced, off-road cycling adventure.

We also recommend this model for road biking, as it demonstrates impressive image stabilization (meaning less shake in your video). Even on smooth pavement, the slightest shake can affect your video quality significantly.

A More Affordable Option

The best runner-up to the Hero6 black, we recommend the Hero5 session. It also bolsters advanced image stabilization, so that you can create professional-level videos. Keep in mind that the battery life is shorter on this model.

Now for our top-10 GoPro Cycling tips

  • Try experimenting with a few different mounts, and see which ones you like best. You will gain new insight from each new perspective.

Chest and head mounts are great for capturing point of view shots, but on-bike mounts like the handlebar or seatpost mount offer a completely unique angle.

You can also try mounting your GoPro on a tripod for an interesting perspective.

  • Mount your GoPro upside down if you are using a chest mount. This is to prevent it from falling downwards.
  • Keep filming.

Due to the fast-paced nature of cycling, you will want to keep your camera on as long as the battery life will allow. You never know when something exciting is going to happen, and you wouldn’t want to risk missing that perfect shot!

  • Use a stabilizing accessory. A gimbal grip can be the major deciding factor between a shaky, ammature looking video and a stable, professional looking one.
  • Always have duct tape handy. This may sound silly, but you never know when something can go wrong with your mount–this is what duct tape was invented for. Trust us, just have it. It’s easy enough to wrap a few layers around your water bottle for emergency situations.
  • Use a GoPro smart remote. It can be attached to your handlebars or wrist so that you can control the GoPro, on the go. It allows you to start and stop recording and change settings without having to touch the actual GoPro and possibly demount it. The GoPro smart remote can be used to control up to 50 cameras at once!
  • Use sun filters. Sun spots–enough said.
  • Use waterproof housing. Rain happens, and when it does, you want your camera to be protected. It’s important to note that the waterproof housing can interfere with the sound quality of your footage, if you were planning on using that function.

Here are some of our favorite, must-have GoPro accessories:

  • The GoPro Chesty. This thing pretty much looks like a roller-coaster seat belt, and it performs the same function for your camera. It will Keep your GoPro tightly locked into place and that chest shot looking perfect.
  • The Helmet front and Side Mount. The helmet mount is a classic, enough said.
  • The Karma Grip. This is a create stabilizing accessory for any cyclist.
  • Handlebar Mount. A classic, much like the helmet mount, that still offers a fresh perspective.
  • Extra batteries. We all have those moments.
  • The GoPro Smart Remote. (As mentioned above)


So there you have it! All the tips, tricks, accessories and information you need to know about picking the best GoPro camera for cycling and utilizing it in a way that works for you! Happy cycling!

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