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Puppy love is a term to be described as transitory love or affection felt by a child or adolescent. In many cases, puppy love won’t last, but the one Dylas and Shirley are having have lasted for the past 12 years and still going strong.
It is clearly not a puppy love.

Their story started in 1996 when they sat in secondary school. Dylas described it as a “love at first sight” and he was totally smitten by her! He secretly admired her and never gave up even though she was attracted to others. His friends have asked him to give up and look for someone else, but a 13-year-old Dylas insisted them that “It’s either her or no one else.”. Finally after four years of pursuing, she agreed to be his girl and with that they began 12 wonderful years of courtship.

We went to Sydney to shoot their pre-wedding last month. Typically Sydney will be unpleasantly hot in the Summer so we never recommend anyone to shoot there during that period. Considering their busy schedule and their wedding day which is two months part, we had no other choice but to fly there and prepared to be grilled. Yet the strangest thing happened; It was cold most of the days! Thank goodness! The weather was so pleasant, it made our photo shoot a real breeze even though we had to wear extra jackets or cardigans to brave the cold wind (we came packed with only shirt and shorts).

We’re so grateful to have met with a super funny, super kind (fyi, Shirley loves to donate blood), super lovely couple, Dylas and Shirley. I can’t stress you enough how this couple had made us laughed through entire photo shoot. Even though they always tease each other, I can see they simply can’t live without each other (just admit it, Dylas hahaha). What they had is sincere and unpretentious. I love them!

Thank you Dylas & Shirley, for the awesome time we had in Sydney.
Always remember to eat well, laugh, and stay in love. Have a good life :)


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