Donald + Stephany | Wedding Day

Donald and Steph is one of the most memorable couple we’ve had for few reasons. They found us through google and it turned out that Steph’s best friend is both Irene’s and my university friend. They are also the first couple who requested to have their wedding pictures edited in lomo style. As fellow lomo lover, I was more than happy to explore!

Besides, although we’ve had a few couples who come from different countries, they are most probably the most globalised of them all. Donald came from America and Steph came from Indonesia, but that’s only a small portion of their global love story. They met while working in Norway and now they live in Angola! Even on their wedding in Bali the guests were multicultural, coming from every continent of the world.

Speaking of their wedding, it was utterly memorable for me. One day before the wedding, we received news that Stephanie was down with dengue and she was rushed to the hospital as her thrombocytes had dropped rapidly. The wedding was almost cancelled but thankfully the following day Steph felt much better and the doctor let her out from the hospital to proceed with the ceremony. It was a miracle! I bet you wouldn’t be able to tell looking at the photos that Steph had just been hospitalised. She was radiant on that day.

The wedding went very well and I was glad to be part of the wedding and get to know this interesting couple. So cheers to them and enjoy the highlights of their wedding!

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