November 6, 2020

Best Toy for Babies 6-9 Months Old

A 6-9 month old baby is at an exciting stage in his life. At this age, she has an interest in her surroundings and begins to learn and absorb information quickly. Babies become more playful during this stage, and pick up objects, smash objects together or play keystrokes and are attracted to very interesting and engaging interactive materials.

Baby development from 6 to 9 months old

A period of 6 to 9 months is a time when your baby is growing and developing rapidly, both physically and mentally. At this stage, she will be able to sit steadily for long periods without support, will begin to recognize objects and memorize them when they are not nearby.

Toys for babies 6 to 9 months old

Toys can be used to stimulate and develop a baby’s brain and therefore, it is important to find the right choice of toys that are interactive and will keep your baby interested and occupied at all times. Here are a few toys that will help your baby grow and have a great time doing so.

Music toys

Musical toys help develop children’s sensory skills. Musical toys that mimic animal voices or emit rhymes and songs that appeal to children and will help develop her love of music.

Easy to play, simple musical toys make a sound when your baby hits them. Toys like toy phones and activity blocks make a sound when your baby pokes, shakes or squeezes them.

Wooden toys

Wooden toys such as colorful shapes and puzzles help children begin to associate with different shapes, colors and sizes and will develop their distinct skills.

Your baby can play with these toys by separating different sizes, shapes and colors of wooden blocks or simply putting the blocks together.

Grade level

Block toys help develop skills such as hand eye coordination, sensory skills, and grasping skills.

Your bubble will try to match the blocks together in the right hole. This will help her develop dexterity in her fingers and hands.


Children at this age tend to like a favorite doll or soft toy. This will help develop sensory and sense of attachment skills in children.

Children can press different buttons, open doors and flip the lid in interactive books.

Stuffed toys

Like dolls, stuffed toys will also help develop a sense of attachment and responsibility to others and your baby will always want to have a stuffed toy with them.

Toy push

Push toys help develop hand-eye coordination in babies.

When babies start to move, push toys will make them more interested, who can push them around easily.


Ball will help develop delicate motor skills and good feeling for the baby.

When you put a ball in baby’s hand be prepared to run around and chase because the baby will definitely throw it when he realizes that the ball bounces! A ball making a tinkling sound will pull the baby even further.

Electronic learning toys

If you are looking for toys for 8-month-olds then e-learning toys are perfect. Such toys help develop baby’s sensory skills and assist in caring for the baby’s passion, thereby increasing focus and concentration.

Babies can simply press different buttons or touch the touchpad to watch and listen to sounds or videos playing toys like rhymes, tinkling and cartoons.


Home appliances make perfect toys for children regardless of age. Be it toys for 7 months old or older babies, household items such as plastic bowls, measuring cups, wooden cups and spoons will entertain babies and help develop grasp skills, skills. feel and dexterity with fingers.

The child can simply smash items together, push them or try to arrange them in order and be entertained while doing so.

Other benefits of playing with these toys

In addition to developing different life skills while playing with different toys, children learn the following skills after playing with toys:

  • Organize their belongings better.
  • Develop a sense of responsibility for what belongs to them and better manage the available space.
  • From an intellectual point of view, they learn to recognize and distinguish between different colors, shapes and sizes.
  • Children develop language skills while listening to musical toys.
  • Playing with toys also improves their concentration when they are focused on a particular object for an extended period of time.

Safe play tips and help your child learn while playing

It is important to ensure your baby’s safety while choosing toys and while they are playing with them.

  • Do not give toys not intended for children 6 to 9 months of age.
  • Avoid using toys with sharp edges or heavier than what your child can manage to play.
  • Toys should be easy to handle and should not contain small pieces that your baby can put in their mouths or swallow.
  • Toys that can cause choking should also be avoided.

In addition to the above points, parents should also be careful not to let their baby be cared for while playing because they may be too engrossed with toys and not aware of the dangers that may occur around them.

Playing with toys is an important part of any child’s upbringing and a good combination of toys can help develop important life skills. When shopping for them, make sure you keep in mind your child’s age and preferences and have an extra toy room that will entertain them for hours.

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