June 15, 2020

Are Baby Carriers Necessary in Summer?

Currently, the baby carrier is a companion in the process of caring for newborn babies with their mother, especially in the summer. However, to ensure maximum safety for your baby, you need to master the information in choosing the best baby carrier for summer as well as know-how to sling properly.

Thanks to the outstanding improvements and superior utility, now the baby carrier have become a product line that many parents choose. Fathers who are awkward in carrying their babies can now use their sling to carry their baby on a cool walk or go to the supermarket with them, mothers who are always busy can now breathe because the carrier has released a double hand for mom to do many things freely while carrying a baby … But to ensure the maximum safety for your baby, mothers need to find out information about choosing a carrier, baby How old can I use a sling and how to use it? The following article will share all information about the use of a carrier for summer or you can visit New Mom Plus, please refer to the mothers!

When Mom Can Baby Carrier

In fact, since the birth of a month old, the mother can use a baby carrier already. But mothers need to choose a carrier designed specifically for babies from birth, carriers must design pads and seat belts to support the baby’s head and neck. Besides, mothers should know that they should not abuse the use of sling with their babies or use an inappropriate type of sling. For your baby’s safety, you should only use a versatile carrier when your baby is four months or older.

From 4 months when the baby has been able to hold his neck, he can use the type of sling in front of his chest, this time, he should let his face turn inward so he can easily see his parents’ faces. Seeing parents’ faces will help children feel much safer and more secure.

From 8 months and older, the whole family can be completely assured to go out together when riding a baby. However, it is best not to carry your baby for more than 2 hours or when they have just finished eating.


Currently, on the market, there are many types of baby carriers of many different manufacturing brands with countless designs. However, to bring maximum safety to your baby, you should not choose a carrier that looks like a bag. Because the design is like a bag will have quite a deep compartment, looking at the thought to ensure safety for the baby but quite a deep compartment will make your baby’s back bent in the “C” shape. Besides the use of bags too deep like this also makes your baby face covered with jackfruit baby will be very difficult to breathe.

When choosing a baby carrier, you should also buy a sling in a lying position is better than a sitting posture. As a newborn, the baby’s head and neck area are not fully developed, the sitting position can cause injury to the neck if the baby is too young.


Mother needs to choose the type of baby carrier is designed safely and conveniently:

Shallow pocket compartment.

Keep the baby always frank when lying, not bent back.

Round hug design.

Fully surround the baby’s body, but not too tight.



Each baby is at different stages of development, so depending on the age and weight of the baby. The mother will use a 1-month-old baby carrier, a 2-month-old baby, or 3 months, old baby. With the correct carrying position and best suited to your baby. And below, Mother Round will show parents how to use their baby sling properly and safely.

  • The baby must be firmly rested on the mother in a sitting position facing upwards so that the baby’s chin will never touch the breast.
  • Hold your baby high and close to your chest so that you can kiss your baby ie the baby’s head is close to the mother’s chin.
  • The space from the chest to the neck of the baby is about 1 finger long.
  • Your baby’s head and body must be supported.
  • Check your baby’s posture regularly.
  • Things to avoid when using a baby carrier
  • Do not use a carrier that is too small or too large for your baby.
  • Do not allow your baby’s face to be covered.
  • If the baby feels fussy or uncomfortable, quickly remove the baby carrier from the baby.
  • Do not allow your baby’s back to bend.
  • Hold baby straight, belly, and chest close to the mother’s body.
  • Do not put the baby’s chin and chest too close together.
  • Do not put your baby on the hip or waist.


Hopefully, with the information about the new baby carrier has gained more knowledge about buying and using a safe baby carrier. Wishing your baby will be healthy and the best development.

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